The following rules should be obvious and self evident but are listed nonetheless. It is impossible to list all imaginable offences, hence the "Do not act lame" rule. We (the admins) will be much stricter on the rules from now on.

Use common sense and some proper manners to make the games as smooth as possible.

  1. Do not act lame, no matter if you are signed or not
  2. Ruining the game on purpose (such as running around with pummel, callvoting timelimit 1, afk-ing, repetitive timeouting and numerous other stuff) will get you banned
  3. Use a nick similar to your irc nick - will make picking fair teams easier
  4. You must be at the server within 5 minutes, after which any other player may take your place
  5. If there's no one willing to replace the captains, the captains designated by the bot will pick the teams
  6. Once a captain has picked the first player no late-joiners may play
  7. If you are unable to play your replacement must be at the server before the same 5 minute deadline
  8. If you haven't begun picking the teams after 10 minutes and you're still missing one or more players you may leave the server without getting banned
  9. Once a player has accepted to sub he is regarded as a signed player
  10. Always stay the entire match, leaving early will get you banned
  11. If you must leave a match, get a sub by using the !sub command
  12. Do not leave before your sub is on the server and ready to join
  13. 999 disconnects are regarded as regular disconnects, unless the player rejoins server as soon as possible
  14. If anyone breaks the rules and an admin is available, then a temporary ban will be made
  15. A game is 20 minutes, unless there's overtime
  16. Overtime is STANDARD for EVERY mode. Overtime 1(5-minute periods) for NTF and TDM. Overtime 0 (Sudden death) for CTF.

Game Procedure

  1. When topic is full, everyone joins the designated server (5 minute deadline)
  2. Do NOT alias, use your regular nick (you can change after teams are picked)
  3. Put 'spec' in your name if you are spectating
  4. Everyone spectates, except the captains designated by the bot
  5. If the captains are unevenly matched, they may ask for anyone else to cap. If no one wants to, the captains the bot assigned pick the teams
  6. The captains call heads/tails and use callvote random 2
  7. The winner picks 1st player, the loser 2nd player until all players are picked
  8. The losing captain callvotes a map
  9. If the vote fails the losing captain callvotes a different map

Tip of the day: If the game is too one-sided you can timeout and ask for two players to swap.


The following are guidelines for the ban period for some violations and may be subject to change without prior notice. Bans may be lengthened if repetitive offences occur. Bans will be longer the more times you repeat breaking the rules.

  1. Not showing up for your game: 24h - 48h - 1 week
  2. Disconnecting from your game without sub: 2 days
  3. Leaving early, like leaving 1min before the game ends: 6h
  4. Attempts to evade bans, be it on irc or on q3 server, will result in at least a double ban period
  5. Trolls will be banned for a suitable amount of time